SNEAK PEEK: Action Plan for the Wipeout & Recovery

TRANSCRIPT: I’m Roger Michalski, and I’d like to thank you for registering to Jim Woods’ Action Plan for the Wipeout and Recovery event, which is going live tomorrow at 2PM Eastern.

On our end, we’ve been preparing the website and I set up my living room as the studio, while Jim Woods has been finalizing his charts and practicing his presentation before we go live to bring you the best event possible.

What you are about to discover is not only different from — and better than — virtually every other trading service on Wall Street, it’s much more profitable as well. That’s what counts — profits.

And with good reason.

Since Jim Woods launched his Bullseye Stock Trader service 18 months ago, his members have made a fortune in the face of this turmoil — piling up 43 double- and triple-digit winners with gains as high as 444%.

What’s more, since the markets started collapsing, he’s doubled his members’ money three times.

When you add up all his wins and losses on his closed options plays since he launched, you are looking at an average annualized rate of return of 218.15%! It’s amazing.

Tomorrow, Jim Woods is going to give you an inside look at his action plan for the wipeout, and what you must do to protect yourself before the bottom drops out again.

And remember, Jim will share with you his three quick trades that could double your money in the next 90 days.

You’ll get all the details tomorrow at 2PM Eastern.

We’ll send you an email reminder and a link to the presentation 10 minutes before it starts. Be on the lookout for it in your inbox.

And if you have any questions for us, email us at We’ll do our best to get your questions answered on the air tomorrow.
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