Here’s Your Third Golden Rule

RULE No. 3: Be Strategic — Not Greedy

Over the past two days, we’ve received some great feedback on our first two golden rules.

  1. Learn to Love (and Profit from) Volatility, and…
  2. Think Like a Business Owner  

Kim writes…

“I understand now why volatility can be your best friend. It offers profit opportunities I hadn’t thought of.”

Bill writes…

“In all my years of trading, I never really thought of the underlying businesses. Now I know why tracking earnings is so important.”

Scott writes…

“I get it now. By targeting earnings, you can see which stock will rise and which ones can fall.” 

If you missed either of these golden rules, you’ll find them posted here.

As I mentioned, together, they form the core of my Bullseye Stock Trader system, which can promise you $5,000 a month in trading profits.

During our Action Plan for the Wipeout and Recovery summit, I’ll go into even greater detail.

You’ll learn…

  • Why the Fed’s $2 trillion bailout plan will result in high inflation and low growth
  • How bonds will be wrecked by surging prices
  • What the collapse in oil prices is hiding
  • How income assets have been damaged by the coronavirus crisis
  • Why the real estate sector will need to be rebuilt
  • Specific actions to take to protect yourself and profit as the market falls

Plus, I’ll tell you about three trades we are targeting for money-doubling profits in the next 90 days.

So be sure to look for our email reminders in your inbox, because, just for attending, you’ll get $1,000 for your first trade with me along with a two-year guarantee.

In the meantime, I urge you to familiarize yourself with my third golden rule, Be Strategic — Not Greedy. Once you fully understand it, you’ll be very picky about your trades and make a whole lot more money than other traders. 

Rule No. 3: Be Strategic — Not Greedy

This could be the most important rule of all!

If you want to make a killing in the market, you need to be strategic — not greedy.

Greedy traders almost always get killed. They get too emotionally involved. They are in such a hurry to make a trade, they either buy too early or sell too late, piling up losses or giving back profits.

Strategic traders, on the other hand, always make a killing. Here’s why.

Strategic traders are like top poker players. Just like their greedy cousins, they too have no clue which card the dealer will turn next. But rather than go all in on emotions or hunches, strategic traders know how to maximize their chances of winning by not only taking advantage of the cards in their own hands but also seeing how the other players are playing their hands.

In other words, they make calculated, strategic, “cool hand” trades, because they know the odds of their trades playing out.

Here at Bullseye Stock Trader, that’s our approach.

You see, we don’t play a random hand we’ve been dealt; we get to choose the cards (stocks and options) and look over the other players’ shoulders to see which hands they are holding.

Those other players, of course, are the economic conditions that affect the stocks that we are targeting for profit, including…

  • Earnings reports…
  • Housing reports…
  • Consumer sentiment…
  • Business spending…
  • Car sales…
  • Housing starts…

To be sure, we may not know which economic card will come up next, but we know all the cards in the “economic deck.” We know that sooner or later they will come up. We use that knowledge to act strategically.

It is precisely this strategy that allows us to buy when stocks are about to rise, and sell when the market is oversold and about to collapse. This is also how we’ve avoided getting trampled when the “big money” suddenly shifts the other way.

Because we are strategic, the trading signals our system generates can best be compared to an army sniper. But instead of waiting for the perfect moment to take out the enemy, our system waits for the optimum point to enter or exit a trade.

This is why we can trade fewer positions for bigger gains, because we are completely strategic in our strategy.

Our principles are fairly simple:

  1. We don’t run from volatility; we run to it.
  2. We buy stocks and call options when stocks are moving up.
  3. We sell put options when stocks are moving down.

In other words, we take whatever the market hands us and use the most optimal strategy to profit in that particular scenario.
This is how I’ve doubled my readers’ money three times since the markets started to collapse — and that’s no fluke, either.

I’m proud to say that, since we launched Bullseye Stock Trader 18 months ago, our readers have made a killing in the face of this turmoil, piling up 43 double- and triple-digit winners with gains as high as 444%.

And when you add up all our wins and losses on our closed option plays, you are looking at an average annualized rate of return of 218%!

All by taking advantage of the market’s volatility by targeting earnings as stocks get pushed both up and down.

Here’s the best part:

I’ve made it so easy for you to profit from our trades, all you need is an email address, an Internet connection, and the patience to string a few small trades together for bigger profits.

I’ll bring you the full details during my Action Plan for the Wipeout and Recovery summit on Wednesday. 

In closing, I want to thank you for investing your time in reading about my Three Golden Rules for Getting Rich in 2020.

Again, they are the same rules I used to create my new trading strategy that has doubled my readers’ money three times since February 27 and could hand you up to $5,000 a month trading both stocks and options, too.

During the summit, you’ll learn how I put them together to form what I believe to be the most powerful stocks and options trading platform ever invented.

I’m so confident you’ll love the profits my trades will bring you, I’ll even give you $1,000 toward your first trade.

Naturally, I couldn’t make an offer like this if I didn’t think you could profit.

But with my 43 double- and triple-digit winners to date, and two-year guarantee, there’s no risk on my part because I know my system works.

So be sure to look for your email reminder on Wednesday. 

You’re not going to want to miss this. 
In the meantime, feel free to email me your questions at I am happy to answer any questions you may have and I look forward to hearing from you.

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